IGLC 2020

Industry Day

Tuesday July 7, 2020

There seems to be no end to the questions about Lean Construction

Dean Reed

Industry Day Lead - More info

What is Lean Construction really? How does it compare with Toyota? Is it a mindset and philosophy, an organizational culture to engage people to solve problems, a way to consistently deliver greater value, a set of methods and tools to reduce waste in construction, some or all of these, or something different that we don't really understand? Should we focus on methods like the Last Planner System® first, as we're starting out? How does BIM support Lean Project Delivery? And what about Integrated Project Delivery? Is Lean Construction just for AEC or does it also apply to EPC? Can Lean Construction help with Infrastructure projects?

IGLC 2020 Cusco Industry Day

is designed to answer these questions and enable you to help the people you support solve problems more effectively, and continuously improve their capabilities.

You will hear from:

James Womack

Lean Enterprise

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James Womack, the author of The Machine that Changed the World, which described what Toyota had accomplished as "Lean".

Niklas Modig

Lean Origins

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Niklas Modig, author of This is Lean, will explain why flow is the answer to the efficiency paradox.

Martin Fischer

Lean and VDC

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Martin Fischer, Director of the Center for Integrated Concurrent Engineering (CIFE) at Stanford, will explain why and how Virtual Design and Construction enables both Lean and project integration

Howard Ashcraft

Lean and IPD

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Howard Ashcraft, the leading attorney crafting Integrated Project Delivery contracts will explain how these agreements dramatically increase the effectiveness of Lean and VDC across entire project teams.

Lauri Koskela

IGLC Community

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Iris D. Tommelein

Technical Conference Chair

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Luis F. Alarcón

IGLC Community

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Lean Construction researchers and theoreticians, Lauri Koskela, Iris Tommelein and Luis Fernando Alarcon will share findings from their studies of Lean Construction projects.

All of these experts will speak as panelists and comment on what others have said during a moderated discussion. This panel will be followed by another composed of Construction Industry leaders from Europe, USA, and Peru; who as IGLC2020 Industry Partners, will share and discuss with the keynote speakers, their experiences with Lean Construction, VDC and integration.

At end of the day, attendees will have heard from Lean, Lean Construction, VDC and integration experts, the likes of which have never been brought together at a Construction Industry event.